Coke (USA to USA Only)


 2g     | 190 €  | 95 € per gram

3,5g     | 297 €  | 85 € per gram

  7g     | 525 €  | 75 €  per gram

 14g    | 840 €  | 60 €  per gram

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Pure cocaine, straight off the brick !

Domestic delivery from the US to US
5 Days Delivery time (USPS Priority mail)

We have fantastic batchs of clean cocaine directly sourced from Bolivia. This Bolivian is just off pure white and is of a flake texture. This product is as unadulterated as it gets, this is for the cocaine connoisseurs out there, the people that really know there cocaine. This will give you a mellow high and a long lasting euphoric feeling and the come down is basically non-existent because it is not Moorish, even the next day you will not feel a come down from the stuff.

Most shit you try you need at least 4 drinks before you have a line. Not this stuff ! When you sniff this you won’t feel it going up your nose, yes it is that clean.

All you get is that lovely smell of pure cocaine and numbness. I could talk about this product all day but I have said enough I will leave it to you guys to experience the Bolivian brick.

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#blow #boogerSugar #BolivianMarchingPowder


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